Happy Weekend

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I’m taking this weekend to get in some “me” time. I have lunch with a friend and a hair appointment on Saturday. And then tea on Sunday to scout a place for a baby shower! I’m looking forward to having some child-free time to spend with friends.

1/ Have you heard of the Gottman Institute? This doctor claims that after observing couple for a relatively short periods of time, he can predict whether the will be happy or not based on their interactions. Couple who respond to each others bids, or attempts to connect will continue to be happy in their relationships.

2/ The most amazing thing I have ever seen on the Internet. You are welcome!

3/ This is really good. And true. And relevant.

4/ I have been so unbelievable tired lately. I am not sure if it is that the party is over or something is just catching up with me, but functioning has become..difficult. I am hoping to get some good rest this weekend. Get to bed early and prioritize sleep.

5/ I need some more soup in my life. None of the pre-made stuff from the store is doing it for me these days. My regulars are italian vegetable, potato + leek and chili. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Friday Five – November 7


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What are your plans for this weekend? I have a Stella & Dot party tonight, but the rest of the weekend is wide open. After a week of doctor appointments and a birthday celebration, I am hoping to find sometime to get outside with the whole family. We will see.  Here are somethings I found on the Internet this week that I thought I would share:

1/ Even more fodder for the decision making regarding where to send my kids to school.

2/ Another interesting perspective on the “having it all” debate.

3/ Bryan and I have been involved in some of the more heavy hitting conversations of marriage lately. Why are we here? Where are we going next? How do we get there?  I am lucky to have a marriage where having these conversations is pretty easy. My partner is a willing participant and open to input. And I enjoy being able to set shared goals. But, sometimes, conversations are still difficult because we have to figure out who we are and where we fit in our relationship with each other while also being true to ourselves. So, when I read this, I was taken aback. It felt so real and got me thinking.

4/ I’ve got Christmas on my mind!  I ordered a new tree and I am getting started on the shopping!  These are my favorite gift guides for kids.

5/ Speaking of Christmas, after Week In the Life, I am already getting mentally prepared for this year’s December Daily album. Ali Edwards is selling a kit. I am really tempted to get it, but I already bought this album.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Friday Five

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last year at annual toddlerween party.


I am really looking forward to this weekend. I am planning to spend some time make multiple batches of potato and leek soup and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies so we can deliver some to friends. We are also going to annual Babyween/Toddlerween/Halloween party for the fifth year in a row! But here are some other things I’ve been enjoying this week:

1/ Do you read the Mom Edit? It’s one of my very favorite blogs. Shana is one of the most inspiring women on the internet. And while I would certainly never consider myself a fashionista (if that is even still a word) I do believe that reading her words and seeing her pictures has led me to uping my wardrobe game.  And I think that her store specific posts have been killing it lately. It makes me so much more excited to shop at Target (not that I get a lot of shopping in these days as it is).

2/ Baby G is nearing the one year mark! Ahh! It is thrilling to see our beautiful little boy growing and developing and being awesome. But I am feeling a little sad and nostalgic that we are out of the infant days. And we may not be revisiting those ever again. Plus, I am starting to wean which has led to an emotional low for me in the past. I came across this post, which helped to remind me to expect that again. And to be reminded it’s going to be ok.

3/ I kinda, sorta want to live in this house. The kitchen, the dining room, the upholstered bed frames!

4/ Pumpkin flavored things are on my mind. I want to try this cake, this coffee drink and these cookies!

5/ Do you have young children? Are they holding you hostage?

Friday Five 10.18 edition

photo (1)h + i decorating halloween cookies last weekend


when pregnant, i have never been overly worried about stretch marks or the weird physical impact is had on my body, but i know there are a lot of women who are. i always thought that the gift of bringing a child into the world far outweighed all the body consequences, but i feel like reading this guy’s take on it is pretty special, too.

including yourself in the picture isn’t anything new, but reading these types of personal statements on it is a good reminder to get myself in there.

very interesting take on raising children and being a mindful parent. 

as of today i am only 11 days away from our due date. it has gone by fast, but 11 days sounds like SOOOOOO many right now.

october 15 was national pregnancy loss and infant remembrance day. i lit a candle and let it burn itself out that night.  this is something that is near and dear to my heart, because, as my friend rachel commented on facebook, ” I’ve lost count of the number of women I know who’ve suffered through this kind of loss. It’s shocking how taboo this conversation is in light of how many families suffer through it”. it is so sad. and so shocking. and so hard.  and it makes me so grateful to have 2 healthy babies, sitting happily in the living room right now.

this weekend kicks off our halloween celebrations with the SBMC Halloween party. I am super pumped to see all the kids get dressed up, pet some lizards and eat some deliciously spooky treats. what are you plans for the weekend?

Friday Five 8.23

We celebrated my 29th birthday as a family on Monday with cake and presents. In addition to the pregnancy massage I was presented with on Sunday, I also got some goodies from my wishlist.  It was a banner day all around. I even treated myself to panera pastry and coffee for breakfast. And I received so many amazing messages, wishes and texts. I am so grateful. Also, this week:

My favorite tv show.

My pal made the news!

I have been burning through Netflix series like whoa lately. If you have some time to waste, I suggest Orange is the New Black, The Fall and The Killing.

We are headed to a BBQ this weekend at a friends’ in Sam Jose and I’m hoping Bryan is going to finish up the last few things for our bedroom and Grey’s space at Tech Shop.  Otherwise, I am going to be planning activities for next week (Henry is out of school for In Service days) and working on our Fall Bucket List.


Friday Five 8.9 edition


This was pretty interesting to me. And inspirational.

On kindness.

We are entertaining a guest starting tomorrow (our friend, Alex, from Sweden) and I am trying to think of cool, yet family friendly things we can do with him. The Cal Academy has a new exhibit Built for Speed I am going to propose.

I meeting up with some moms from my original mom’s club at an Afghani restaurant tonight (should be interesting!). I have been really into “pregnancy fashion” on pinterest lately, so my mind is trying to figure out what to wear! I am debating between a comfy dress (like this) or something a little bit more casual but with big jewelry (like this).

Happy weekending!

Friday Five

In an effort to get the ball rolling, I am going to try to introduce some sort of regular posting “schedule”, though I am not going to put pressure on myself to adhere to a super strict schedule. but, for this first Friday of the year, here are five things that are on my mind:

1. This morning I woke up with food on my mind. In the last few weeks several articles have popped up on my radar talking about studies related to health. One study found we eat too much meat. One said if you work out “too much” it is bad for you. And yet another one says if you are going to “diet” at all, paleo is the way to go. I don’t really know what to do with all this information.  My goal is to acheive a healthy way of living, where I feel good (which I haven’t been so successful at in recent months).  I know when I am working out regularly (even if it is just once or twice a week), I feel better and have more energy. I know that when I am eating foods high in sugar and fat, I feel worse all around. And yet it is so hard for me to focus on the part about ding well for my body. If I start to restrict myself in diet, my focus shifts to all the things I cannot have. And when I am busy, stressed and overwhelmed, I have, historically, let my workouts be the first think to slip away. I want to change that.


2. I am currently reading Far From the Tree, a fascinating look at the parent/child relationships amongst families where children have identities different from their parents, i.e. deaf children born to hearing parents. The author is thorough in his exploration of these relationships. And quite verbose! I haven’t followed it chronologically, but I am in the section about parents to child prodigies. The author gives many examples about how our society isn’t well equipped to deal with these types of kids – the kinds who are like children socially, but like adults intellectually.  He also points out how ill prepared many parents are to have kids with such talent and ability, and how, unlike children who are born with down syndrome (which is another fascinating section of the book), there are no support groups or books to read about being this specific type of parent. It is an interesting “problem” to think about.  But it also kind of leads me to reflect on how ill prepared we all are until we start to see the buds of the people our children are to become. It makes me think about how to treat my kids’ talents as well as weaknesses. Where will I encourage them?  Where will I push them?  Or will I push them at all?  How will I nurture them?

3. I am also thinking about how when Henry was the age that Cora is now, we got pregnant with Cora. That fact seriously blows my mind!  I think about what it would be like to get pregnant right now and my mind kind of explodes because I cannot even comprehend having a third child right now. But the reason it is at the forefront of my mind is because I am already starting to feel ready for a third. I wonder if it is hormonal, biological, emotional or what.

4. This weekend is going to be a busy one. Tomorrow we are celebrating one of our favorite friend’s first birthday!  I am going to be trying out a new yoga studio and I am going to try to get Henry in to a gymnastics class. I also want to try to sew a baby blanket for a friend.

5. Today I am feeling really good about things, overall. I am not really sure why or what is causing it, but I am feeling more capable than ever of all the goals I want to accomplish.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!