Happy Weekend

2014-11-04 13.09.18


I’m taking this weekend to get in some “me” time. I have lunch with a friend and a hair appointment on Saturday. And then tea on Sunday to scout a place for a baby shower! I’m looking forward to having some child-free time to spend with friends.

1/ Have you heard of the Gottman Institute? This doctor claims that after observing couple for a relatively short periods of time, he can predict whether the will be happy or not based on their interactions. Couple who respond to each others bids, or attempts to connect will continue to be happy in their relationships.

2/ The most amazing thing I have ever seen on the Internet. You are welcome!

3/ This is really good. And true. And relevant.

4/ I have been so unbelievable tired lately. I am not sure if it is that the party is over or something is just catching up with me, but functioning has become..difficult. I am hoping to get some good rest this weekend. Get to bed early and prioritize sleep.

5/ I need some more soup in my life. None of the pre-made stuff from the store is doing it for me these days. My regulars are italian vegetable, potato + leek and chili. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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