These Kids Right Now

It has been a whirlwind few weeks you guys. We are all a little under the weather, but we are trucking through and working towards getting quality rest. Today Bryan was working from home and he looked over at Grey and I sitting on the couch watching a little tv. He commented on how quickly it seems Grey became old enough to just sit and watch tv. And that he can’t really remember what the other kids were like at this age. So I decided I am going to attempt to regularly write posts that list what is going on with the kids right now. Let’s begin!

2014-11-15 12.12.07

1/ henry has been really into shields ever since we decorated that at Cora and Grey’s party. He has been drawing them and cutting them out on his own. He even talked Bryan into using his C&C machine to make one out of wood.

2/ He is really in love with Ninjago. The movies, the legos, the iPad game all seem to draw him in nearly everyday.

3/ His teacher has commented to me on multiple occasions that his fine motor skills are very impressive. He is always cutting out tiny things he has drawn or putting together and pulling apart tiny legos.

4/ Henry is obsessed with his friend Aaron. We talk about him all the time. What his name starts with, what he is doing right now, where is he, can we draw him a picture.

5/ His appetite has been pretty low lately. I weighed him this week and he has lost 1.8 pounds since this summer. He is definitely the sort of kid who is more interested in doing something than eating. It is definitely not something I want to change, but I also don’t like seeing him lose weight.

2014-11-15 12.52.19

1/ Cora loved her party. She is still asking if all her friends are coming over because she loved having everyone here.

2/ This kid is all princess all the time. She got several pairs of princess shoes and princess tiaras at her birthday party and they are in steady rotation around here when she is home. Also, her magic wand and her sparkly purses.

3/ Cora has been a little better about wearing pants. This probably sounds funny, but around the time summer started last year she demanded to only wear dresses. I was fine with it since the weather was nice and we were potty training. Now it is colder and its more sanitary for her to wear pants.  It was quite a struggle but she is better about wearing pants. Usually WITH a dress.

4/ Cora is definitely our story teller. She loves to pretend and get us to participate in her creative play. She loves to act out scenes from Tangled, pretend we are in school and she is the teacher, and be a doctor and give us all check ups. We love it.

5/ Cora has been really into yogurt and whole apples lately. She will almost always say yes to both.

2014-11-15 12.58.36

1/ Grey wakes up between 4 and 5 am almost every day. It is pretty much killing us.

2/ He has gone from taking 2-3 steps at a time to walking across the room in the last week. Go Grey Go!

3/ He is very interested in imitating us right now. He claps, waves and shakes his head when we do. It is truly adorable.

4/ He absolutely hates having his nose wiped, which has been a major issue lately since all the kids are sick and snotty.

5/ He loves bananas, sweet potatoes and apple sauce. He could eat them all day, everyday, forever. He is definitely the best eater of the three kids right now.


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