On Being Far Away


It was a pretty eventful weekend here. First, on Friday, Bryan’s sister, Ali, gave birth to twin boys!  They were a little bit early, but they are big and everyone is healthy and doing well. The little guys, Grant & Max, will be in the NICU for a few weeks while they get fat and chubby.  And Ali is in really good spirits. I was especially grateful for her husband, Greg, during the day.  We was really amazing at keeping me updated on what was happening.

It has been harder for me to experience this from across the country than I kind of anticipated. I figured that since I had been on the other end of it, giving birth three times while far from immediate family, my emotions would be a little less intense.  Much to my surprise, it is kind of killing me not being able to be there, to grab food, run errands or provide comfort to their family. I am also sad I won’t get to hold the boys in their super cute, oh-my-god-they’re-so-tiny days.

This is the just the beginning for us, I know. As our family members start creating families of their own, I am going to be sad and revisiting these feeling over and over again. So perhaps I will be better prepared next time.


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