Christmas Wishlist


via pinterest

For me, Christmas is literally the most wonderful time of the year. I love it. I love gifts and holiday music and shopping and decorating and peppermint mochas. And while so many people hate that Christmas season starts the day after Halloween, I just feel like it gives me more time to fill up with the spirit of the season.

But as we are getting older and having more and more kids and doing all the things I am trying to really hone in on the things that matter most. How do we celebrate the holidays?  What do we say yes to and what to we turn down?

I am putting a lot of thought into being intentional about how we spend the nest few weeks. This is the beginning of establishing our family traditions and the kids are old enough to have input and really participate. I am thinking about gift exchanges, cookie decorating, and of course, matching Christmas Eve pajamas!  I really loved this quote above though, because I think it really paints how I am feel about Christmas this year.


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