2014 WITL | Friday Photos

It’s Halloween!!! We woke up to a very rainy morning. Gave Bryan a ride to BART, then went to play group at a friend’s house.

2014-10-31 08.40.21 2014-10-31 09.45.03

L: Grey and I pose before heading out.  R: Aaron playing with Grey.

2014-10-31 09.52.00 2014-10-31 09.52.40

L: Grey in their Elmo chair. R: Aaron as Spiderman.

2014-10-31 10.04.55-1 2014-10-31 12.19.10

L: Aaron & Henry drawing. R: Henry’s picture of Sev’s head when he is 10 (he made it when we got home).

2014-10-31 12.31.50 2014-10-31 13.41.36

L: Got our front door ready for Trick or Treaters. R: Laid down with Cora to (unsuccessfully) get her to take a nap. Ended up taking selfies in bed with Henry, too.

2014-10-31 14.33.21 2014-10-31 14.56.02

L: Henry (ninja) and Cora (as Rapunzel) getting ready for the halloween festivities. R: Baby Grey as a dragon.

2014-10-31 15.01.04 2014-10-31 15.07.54

L: Grey R: Preschool Halloween parade.

2014-10-31 15.07.59 2014-10-31 15.08.28 2014-10-31 15.08.35 2014-10-31 15.11.51-2 2014-10-31 15.12.42 2014-10-31 17.11.35

L: End of the parade. R: Beginning of Trick or Treat adventures. Our friend, Annalise. We had pizza with the Sarre’s before heading out.

2014-10-31 18.01.52 2014-10-31 18.05.30

L: The whole gang R: Henry and Aaron.

2014-10-31 18.07.56


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