Friday Five – Halloween Edition

2013-10-29 19.08.54

We have a fairly busy weekend ahead of us with Trick or Treating tonight (yay!) and a birthday party this weekend. But here are some interesting things before we go:

1/  A couple weeks ago my husband caught me up on this whole GamerGate thing and ever since I feel like my eyes have been opened to the unfair judgements and expectations placed on women. Apparently, even our voices annoy others.

2/ Nobody who knows me would be surprised to learn that Christmas is already on my mind. I love seeing all the creative things parents do with Elf on a Shelf on other blogs and pinterest, but I have been weary of getting involved in it myself. You see, the idea that a little elf is spying on my children and reporting their behavior back to Santa as a means to determine what they receive for Christmas defeats the point of the holiday for me. Gift giving is about showing love, it is not about earning stuff through “being good”.  But I ran across this post on Kindness Elves and LOVE it! We might very well be doing this!!

3/ I am new to Scary Mommy, but I read about her Thanksgiving Project this week and wanted to share it. I will absolutely be donating this year.

4/ This was in my inbox this morning. It got me thinking about our schedules right now. Between the holidays and all our kids’ birthdays, these next few months are always packed and busy for us. I am often trying to think of ways to simplify, but sometimes it feels like all the opportunities this year are just too good to pass up.  And maybe they are.

5/ Ordered our new bed today! We went with west elm’s Morocco headboard in chocolate.It should be here by the end of November.  Next steps: purchasing sheets and other bedding.

I am so excited to see the kids all dressed up and excited for their treats! Hope you have a Happy Halloween.


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