WITL 2014 | Monday Photos

WITL Monday

4:40 am | Woke up to Grey awake in the next room. I was in Cora’s bed, not unusual for me these days. Nursed Grey, put him down and got ready for Boot Camp.

5:30 am | Boot Camp. Lots of planks. I have been going regularly since the end of June. Nothing makes me feel stronger and better.

6:40 am | Return home to Henry and Cora opening the door to greet me. Made coffee. I have recently started putting this coconut creamer in my coffee. I switched from french vanilla to original in order to eliminate some of he sugar in my diet. Eliminating sugar is hard. Packed the kids lunches. Got them dressed. Insisted Cora wear pants, because it was cold outside that morning. She was not pleased.

7:20 am | Got in the shower while Bryan finished getting the kids ready for school. The weather has definitely taken a cooler turn in the last few days. I love it. Cozy sweater weather.

7:45 am | Got the kids in the car.  Said good bye to Bryan. Headed to school.

8:10 am | Drop Off. Cora and Henry put their own lunched and water bottles in there cubbies. Then hang up their own jackets. I sign in both kids, Cora heads to her classroom and Henry signs himself in. Give Henry a hug and kiss and drop him off in his class.

8:30 am | Return home. Play with Grey for a little. Start laundry. Change Grey and put him down for a nap. Go through party supplies for Cora & Grey’s party in a little over 2 weeks. Make a new pumpkin oatmeal recipe. Read blogs via feedly and catch up on email.

9:45 am | Grey is up. We have a snack and head out to run errands. First, check the SBMC’s P.O. Box. Then the dollar store and Target for party supplies.

12:00 pm | Home for lunch.  I have left over tacos. Grey has left over grilled cheese, berries and water. Goes down for a second nap around 12:45/1pm.

1 pm | Put together gift bags for Cora & Grey’s party, including watercolor paints. Watch How to get away with Murder on Hulu.

2:35 pm | Grab Grey from his crib and head out to pick Henry and Cora up from school. Sign the kids out, Gather their things and pick up the contents of their art cubbies. Henry has been really into his projects lately, especially enjoying Halloween themed activities and what he calls decorations.

3:20 pm | Return home. The older kids eat the left over contents of their school lunches. We work on more projects at home with paper, markers, and water colors. I am trying to get the kids to come home and play before dinner and the tv goes on. My goal is that the tv isn’t on until dinner is eaten and the kids are mostly read for bed.

The kids continue to play int he house. They shoot small foam rockets at each other with toys they received at Zander’s birthday party. They chase each other from room to room. Grey follows and tries to get in on the action.

I start getting dinner ready around 4:30. Tonight is stir fry with chicken, broccoli, carrots and cashews. I am also trying to get the kids to eat more variety (isn’t everybody?) and to only make one meal for dinner (not a different meal for each kid).

5 pm | I sit down with the kids to eat. Grey loves the carrots. Cora eats most of her rice but nothing else. Henry eats about 1.5 bites of rice and says he isn’t hungry. They decided to work on the Goldibloks toy instead of eat dinner.

5:30 pm | I put Grey in the bath. Cora and Henry join him for 5-10 minutes before getting out.  Cora gets into her new footie pajamas (a very new obsession) and Henry insists on wearing the same clothes. Grey is done, so I get him out and put a diaper and pajamas on him. The kids keep playing.

6 pm | Start getting Grey ready for bed and have him down by 6:15. He doesn’t even want to nurse. He has been sleeping so irregularly lately. I am not sure what is up with that.

6:20 pm | Bryan gets home. Henry and Cora rejoice! Bryan heats up his dinner. We watch the Toy STory Halloween special. I leave around 7 to go walk with a friend. We get hot chocolate after.

9 pm | Get home. Change for bed. Watch an episode with Bryan while we sort Legos.

10 pm | Bed time! In my bed 🙂


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