The Best Books I’ve Read This Year


I really got back into reading this year.  My husband and I started the Game of Thrones series at the end of last year and it took me until the spring to finish it. I enjoyed the series overall, but finishing all five books (4,197 pages so far!) certainly felt like an accomplishment. And I am among the masses eagerly anticipating the next installment! In the mean time, these were the best books I read this year (so far anyways):

All The Light We Cannot See was without a doubt the best, best, best book of the bunch. It was beautiful, engaging and emotional. I loved it.

The Meaning of Names was a really interesting read. Did you know that there was a major flu epidemic in the U.S. during World War I? I had no idea. The story here is about so much more than that, but I really enjoyed the characters and connected to the main character’s feelings about home.

Rent Collector I didn’t have a lot of thoughts and feeling about Cambodia until I read this. It was a quick read, but enjoyable.

The Book Thief I know I am late to the party on this one.  I read it as a precursor to seeing the movie (which I haven’t yet) but it was such a good book. (I seem to have a weird WWII historical fiction thing going on here). I can appreciate any book that gives a different perspective on historical events than what is generally known. I loved Liesel and how she navigated the world and her people in it. It was sad, but very enjoyable. And I am planning so see the movie soon.

Under the Banner of Heaven is by Jon Krakauer, who also wrote Into Thin Air and Into the Wild. This book was a non fictional account of a murder committed my fundamentalist Mormons who claimed they were told to do so my God. It is an odd story and a bit hard to swallow, but I learned a little bit more about Mormon culture and history.

What were your favorite reads of the year? Or ever, really?  I am reading The Art of Fielding now, but don’t have anything lined up after.

p.s. My very favorite book of all time.


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