It has been entirely too long

So I took a very long, and unexpected, blogging hiatus. I focused on family and children and the husband and sleep and all that other important stuff. But I keeping getting pulled back to writing something down, to journal about where I am at and keep a record of this thing called life. Thus, here I am.

I decided that the best way to jump back into it was to provide a list (you know how much I LOVE lists) of where I am at right now, right this moment. Here goes:

EATING clean. Lots of soups. I’ve been making food for the week on Mondays while the kids are at school and it is working out very well.

RECORDING all my calories.  I am using an app on my phone. SInce we returned from Cleveland, I have lost 9 pounds. So it’s working, at least.

WATCHING The Wire with Bryan after the kids go to bed. We are so close to being done with the entire series. The fourth season was my favorite so far. ANd watching lots of Halloween shows with the kids. Right now they are really into Hotel Transylvania.

ANTICIPATING the holiday season. I am so excited to celebrate this time of year. We have birthdays and parties and Halloween and Christmas. I love it all. And the older the kids get, the more fun we all seem to have with it.

LISTENING to spotify. It is the best music subscription service in my opinion.

TRYING to get to sleep earlier. But I have a hard time getting to bed before 10:45.

WORKING on figuring out Grey’s nap schedule. It is so hard with all these kids and their schedules to make sure Grey is getting good solid naps. I know that is the plight of the third child, but I still want to make the effort.

LOVING this weather. It was in the high 80s until this week. I love this cooler weather and sweaters and drinking coffee in the afternoon. I also love how crisp and clean it feels in the mornings.

ATTENDING the Mother’s Club Halloween party is this Sunday. It is our first costume party of the season. It is going to be fun.

PLANNING to buy new bedroom furniture. We are ready to toss out the Ikea bedroom set we have now and get ourselves a King size since Cora ends up in our bed almost every night. But I cannot seem to make any hard decisions on which one I like the best.

DECIDING if I should enroll Cora in a dance class or not. I think it would be super fun for her, but the scheduling is so hard.  I would have to take the other two kids with us if I did it during the week through the city. But all the weekend classes are much more expensive.

FEELING happy. Content. Good. Things are really wonderful right now with the kids and our life in general.


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