Five Things Right Now



the beach a couple of weeks ago. the weather was perfect and somewhat unreal considering it was the end of January.  It has been cold and rainy for the last week.

I have been the worst at the regular updates. In the past I have been able to use my blog as a way of looking back, marking the progression of time. But my inconsistency here is definitely having an impact on that.  I kind of feel like this is just the way things are right now. I have too many babies and not enough sleep to be capable of writing out thoughtful ramblings where I reminisce on the value of my life, family, relationships, health, etc. Also, using the right words for what I mean. When I am majorly sleep deprived, that is often the first thing to go. oh, well. In place of a real update, here is a list of five things that are happening right now:

1. The kids have been so great lately. Cora is starting to put all the phrases together she has heard/learned in the most amazing ways. She plays pretend, tells us she is going to the beach and says “see ya later. love you. bye” and follows it up by blowing out a kiss. It’s heartbreaking and adorable. She also says “sorry, buddy” whenever she hurts you. That kills me.

2. Henry is sick and his voice is hoarse. I am not sure why, but it is having this huge emotional effect on me. It makes me want to carry him everywhere, hug him constantly and give him carb filled, delicious treats to eat all day.  I want to see him get better fast.

3. I got a clogged duct in my left breast yesterday. This happens from time to time. I think it is my fourth or fifth one. God, they suck. I was in pain the entire day yesterday. All I could think about was sleep. And I cannot remember any of the conversations I had yesterday. Not a one. I was in such pain and so close to just sitting and crying. But, my beloved came home early, ordered pizza and took care of all of us. He is pretty wonderful like that. 

4. Until yesterday I was doing really well on this whole Paleo thing we are trying. Bryan and I are attempting to cut out as much processed foods as we can and following a Paleo diet is one of the easier ways to do. Oh, and when you go Paleo you still get to eat bacon. Anyways, I have been experimenting with a lot of recipes in order to find ones we really enjoy. I am pretty happy with what we have discovered so far. 

5. This year is looking to be a good one for us. We booked a house at the beach for a long weekend in June. Plus I am in the process of putting something together for my 30th birthday. I am thinking Napa with the girls. But we will see. There are also a few other plans for trips and exciting things int he work, which I am sure will be appearing here at some point.

I am so ready for this weekend. I need some extra sleep and some relaxing couch time with the kids watching disney movies. Happy Friday!