Upon Returning to This World

So I kind of fell off the blogging wagon. I was all pregnant and tired, had a baby and then we celebrated like a hundred holidays, milestones and birthdays. and i kind of lost the energy required to keep up this space. At the end of my pregnancy, I was so tired. I was exhausted. I was incapable of performing even the smallest of physical tasks. In a word, I was pathetic. Then we had the baby, who is beautiful and healthy and all the wonderful things under the sun, and things got real. I am still tired. I am still at a loss for extra time to site and think and write, but I want to return to making this my priority. I want to start carving out little bits of time for me and one of the easiest ways to accomplish such a task is to visit here and check in. So, I am going to try to do that and do so regularly. So, in light of my triumphant return and the whole new year resolutions thing, here are some topics I plan to cover to get things all caught up:

1) The birth and announcement of baby Grey. 

2) Our new “paleo” lifestyle. I put paleo in quotes for a reason.

3) How we spent our holidays.

4) Parenting three insanely needy, yet lovable, kids. Also, why we might be done having kids.

5) Other things I have a personal interest or stake in: planning, organizing, friends and relationships, photography, crafts, etc, etc ,etc

so get ready, people. and by people i mean, you know, like me when I get bored and read through my own archives. huzzah!


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