Friday Five 10.18 edition

photo (1)h + i decorating halloween cookies last weekend


when pregnant, i have never been overly worried about stretch marks or the weird physical impact is had on my body, but i know there are a lot of women who are. i always thought that the gift of bringing a child into the world far outweighed all the body consequences, but i feel like reading this guy’s take on it is pretty special, too.

including yourself in the picture isn’t anything new, but reading these types of personal statements on it is a good reminder to get myself in there.

very interesting take on raising children and being a mindful parent. 

as of today i am only 11 days away from our due date. it has gone by fast, but 11 days sounds like SOOOOOO many right now.

october 15 was national pregnancy loss and infant remembrance day. i lit a candle and let it burn itself out that night.  this is something that is near and dear to my heart, because, as my friend rachel commented on facebook, ” I’ve lost count of the number of women I know who’ve suffered through this kind of loss. It’s shocking how taboo this conversation is in light of how many families suffer through it”. it is so sad. and so shocking. and so hard.  and it makes me so grateful to have 2 healthy babies, sitting happily in the living room right now.

this weekend kicks off our halloween celebrations with the SBMC Halloween party. I am super pumped to see all the kids get dressed up, pet some lizards and eat some deliciously spooky treats. what are you plans for the weekend?


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