WITL Thursday


so, thursday.

i usually miss the kids’ breakfast, but this partially eaten waffle was still out when i got up. bryan kisses the kids good bye.  the kids and i load up the car.

we met the reads at the zoo. henry and roy ran and jumped and played. frank looked cool. cora kept me busy.

both kids fell asleep on the ride home. i successfully got both upstairs without waking them.

cora woke up and wanted “hugs” on the couch. after snacks, we went to the little park in front of our building.

it was just these two. they kept each other entertained on the slides and by jumping off the structures and moving around various wood chip piles.

thursday is bryan’s late night. he goes climbing in the city, so i do dinner, bath and bed on my own. which is probably why i don’t have any pictures of it.


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