WITL Sunday



i woke up early (515am) with cora to give bryan a little break. cora and i watched nemo until about 7, when henry and bryan got up. after we ate breakfast and got ready i went out to go through some stuff at a shared storage unit for the san bruno mother’s club. while i was gone, bryan took the kids to the big park down the street.

i realized i hadn’t taken any pictures during cora’s nap, so i took a picture of what henry was playing with – his smashed penny collection.  i spent nap time cooking – chili, paleo banana cookies for b and some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

i also put up the fall/halloween decorations and put some flowers henry and i bought in a vase. 

after nap the kids played with pennies and a coin bank. then we went to lowes. cora tried out chairs. then we went to the mall play area, but that didn’t last very long. on our way home henry seemed like he was ready to sleep so we extended our drive and he fell asleep. we came home, ate dinner, cleaned up a bit and cora took a bath. when henry woke up he had dinner and got his pajamas on. then we all worked on projects until bed. bryan and i watched breaking bad and make it to bed around 1045. 


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