Week in the Life Wednesday

another crazy busy day :: not very many photos


it was another rough night. i slept in as late as i could and when i got up the kids were mostly dressed and ready for the day. (the first small pic on the right)

the big picture is the ride to school. it was just henry and me because i had a dr appt that morning.

next small pic: henry walking to school

below that: my calendar, coffee and to do list. i had a few minutes to kill before my appt. it was a dermatologist appt and everything is great.

small photo, starting left:

cora eating a snack

cora waiting for henry to finish school

henry hopped on a bike on our way out.  said “i pedal.”

then we went home. took naps. candice came to watch the kids so i could head to my ob appt.  ob was running about an hour late. the final picture is all the urine sample cups in the bathroom. part of the process at every appt. after my appt (which was totally uneventful) I was able to make all the appts until i hit 40 weeks. starting in october, i make weekly trips to the ob. this shit is getting real.

then i went home. henry had fallen asleep on the couch and candice and cora were doing puzzles. i visited with candice, made a plan for the nest few appts and made cora dinner. bryan got home and visited with candice a bit, too. then we made dinner (burgers on the grill), put cora to bed and started Newsroom. I was in bed at 945. I think Bryan followed shortly after.


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