Week in the Life 2013 – Monday

2013-09-09 08.21.04


the time we go to henry’s school for drop off

2013-09-09 08.21.09

henry ready to go to school

2013-09-09 08.23.24

cora usually walks with us, but demanded the stroller that morning

Monday 9 9

from left to right:

henry putting his jacket in his cubby.  cora going for a quick slide on the little play ground outside the door. catching up on email.  my 32 week + 6 day belly.

cora in henry’s car seat. selfie in the car. cora looking at the pool from the hallway window in our building.  cora after throwing all the blankets and stuffed animals off of her bed.

doing dishes. cora asleep in the stroller at the dr’s office. (we went in for a rash she has.  the dr basically said it was nothing.) laundry. kids relaxing on the couch after school.

pasta for my lunch. crossing off to do list items. projects: me – project life and henry – photo collage for school. below that is the kids eating dinner. me going to sleep.

observations: i haven’t appeared in many pictures in prior years and wanted to change that, but i still find it so weird to take pictures of me by myself. this was a busy day, especially with the last minute doctor appointment, but i noticed that i hardly sat down or did just one thing at a time. all day i spent doing 2 or more things at once. i never noticed how much that is at play in daily life.


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