On Feeling Like a “Real” Parent

2013-09-03 07.18.21edit


It is a funny thing being a parents. It feels like I have done or planned more parent-y things in the last week than ever  This week Henry’s school is closed for inservice, so I took it upon myself to schedule the kids all the classic get it done before school starts appointments – like seeing the dentist, getting haircuts and buying new shoes, jackets, sweaters, etc for the impending fall weather. Plus, we have officially switched Pediatricians (after a ridiculous amount of hemming and hawing on my part).

This is the first year since having kids that the whole “back to school” thing has had any impact on us, even though its effects are tiny.  I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. We don’t even have real school to deal with and we only have one kid going. But what is it about buying new pants and getting the kids teeth cleaned that feels so officially “back to school”?  It makes me feel like I am really caring for the kids, meeting their needs and, you know, like contributing to their future or something.

We didn’t do anything special to mark the occasion, but Henry is now in the Junior class, which means he is moving into a new classroom and has a new teacher. I am a little sad because I really loved his old teacher, but Cora will probably get her when she starts. Anyways, this stuff, it makes being a parent and having kids that will progress to adulthood much more tangible than ever before. 



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