On Updating Our Apartment

In anticipation for our newest addition, we moved some things around to make more space, or for a more efficient use of space. I started in the kids room. Once we found out we were expecting a boy, I started going through all the baby clothes I had kept from Henry and Cora. I set aside a few piles of stuff to pass on to friends and family when they have little girls, and pretty much got rid of the rest of the stuff. Then I went about cleaning, assessing and organizing the boy stuff to decide what we would keep for the little guy. We also got a fair amount of hand me downs from friends, and some gifts from others to fill int he rest of the gaps.

Initially the closet int he kids room was kind of split up into 2 parts – one side was the kids clothes and the other side was storage. Going through and getting rid of baby clothes cleared out the storage side, so that became Grey’s area for clothing storage. And here is a picture of it all set up:

2013-09-19 13.14.01Right now the newborn sized clothes, blankets and burp clothes are in our bedroom. We will get to that later. In the picture, the hanging organizer holds all the 0-3 month stuff we have, plus the hanging item to the right. The white wire drawers to the left have all the 3-6 month stuff, plus coats, jackets, hats, socks and shoes. On top of the drawers is a green bin that has all the clothes Henry has out grown in the last couple months that could still work as hand me downs with the time comes. I try not to keep anything too dirty or ruined, even if it has sentimental value for me. I know that by the time Grey is in these sizes, we will be buying him new stuff to fill in the gaps. On the shelf up top is a storage box full of feeding stuff we were given (bottles, steamers, etc). Plus the infant car seat and the music table.

Here is the other side of the closet:

2013-09-19 13.18.39Cora’s stuff is hanging on the right and in the right drawers. Henry’s stuff is on the left and in the left drawers. The 2 green boxes on top of the drawers house clothes Cora is outgrowing. There is also a hanging organizer to the right that you cannot see which holds baby and toddler blankets and bedding. On the shelf above the kids stuff are more boy clothes organized by size for when Grey reaches that point. Right now it is all in cardboard storage boxes because it isn’t likely to be permanent storage (we try to keep permanent storage in see through containers). The plan is to throw the box away as soon as we reach those sizes because these boxes are older and starting to show major wear. ALso, each kid has their own see through sweater box in which I keep their “memorabilia”. This includes stuff from the hospital when they were born, their “coming home outfits” and other odds and ends that have whatever meaning to me from their life times. My goal is to limit one box for each kid and I plan to continue to comb through the boxes as time goes on and get rid of the stuff that loses sentimental value over that time. Also the hamper – full of stuffed animals. Cora dumps this out, usually on her bed or Henry’s, on a daily basis.

Here is the rest of the room:

2013-09-19 13.13.53

Henry’s bed

2013-09-19 13.14.10

Cora’s Bed

I did a major toy overhaul when we returned home in July. I threw out broken or messed up toys, donated a bunch of stuff to Henry’s school and sold a couple items through the classifieds I used in the Mother’s Club.  We moved all the toys with the exception of the play kitchen into the kids’ bedroom. We noticed that their preference was definitely to use the living room and dining room for running and the toys were just getting in the way. I am still in the process of figuring out a better solution for the kids books, but otherwise, all the toys fit int he wardrobes or the clear bins in the bedroom. By doing this, I also became more aware of what toys we had and got back into rotating toys to make sure the kids were playing with everything.

Overall the kids’ room is a bit of a mish mash, which i don’t like.  But I also know that at this point, the decor and everything isn’t really important. What is important is that the kids have a space where they feel happy and comfortable. And this is working toward that goal for us.

We set up a little space in our bedroom for Grey. He is in the corner and the dresser directly next to the pack and play houses the stuff we are going to need when he gets here. I am also going to move the jewelry box to the tall dresser and use that as a changing table when the time comes.

2013-09-19 13.19.49

Bryan cut the letters for his name from black matte acrylic. When we do things with acrylic we usually use the shiny stuff, but I really like how this turned out. The picture frames hold some scrapbook paper until we have photos we want to put up here. I also redid the photos and frames in our bedroom and bathroom.   When we were home in July we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to take some family pictures with both of our extended families. So once we got all those in, I printed some up and did a new little photo gallery above the dressers. All of the photos are from these sessions, with the exception of one from our wedding and the collage frame of Rachel. This includes the frames on the dresser.  In addition, I put even more family photos up in our bathroom, but I didn’t take a picture of it to share here.

2013-09-19 13.20.07Bryan and I also collaborated on the empty frame all the way to the right. I wanted something to hang my more delicate necklaces on so they didn’t get tangles int he jewelry box. This was what we came up with. Bryan laser cut the square frame out of wood, I spray painted it and he added some nails. I like how it looks like it is part of the photo wall. And that I get to see some of my most favorite and treasured necklaces all the time.

We also moved the tall dresser to the opposite wall (it used to sit where the pack n play is now).

2013-09-19 13.20.17Right now this dresser kind of houses some random things I didn’t know where else to put. That large frame is a hand painted drawing of my dad’s older sister. She passed away when she was 18 months, but I kind of inherited the print when my grand mother passed away. I think it looks remarkable like Cora. At least int he blonde hair and the chubby cheeks. And the tiny pink frame is my kindergarten picture. My mom had it sitting on her dresser my entire life. So it will likely always be on a dresser somewhere in our house just because. And a random photo my my dad, brother and me because it didn’t really go anywhere else.

The last thing on my list for this room is I want to change the bedding. We don’t have a huge budget right now, so it is going to require some forethought and creative planning or it might not even get done depending on when this baby decided to show up. And so concludes the “where are you going to put a third kid” saga.  What do you think of our choices?  We have shared rooms with our children as infants, but only until they were about 6 months old. Have you shared for longer? Any advice?


WITL Sunday



i woke up early (515am) with cora to give bryan a little break. cora and i watched nemo until about 7, when henry and bryan got up. after we ate breakfast and got ready i went out to go through some stuff at a shared storage unit for the san bruno mother’s club. while i was gone, bryan took the kids to the big park down the street.

i realized i hadn’t taken any pictures during cora’s nap, so i took a picture of what henry was playing with – his smashed penny collection.  i spent nap time cooking – chili, paleo banana cookies for b and some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

i also put up the fall/halloween decorations and put some flowers henry and i bought in a vase. 

after nap the kids played with pennies and a coin bank. then we went to lowes. cora tried out chairs. then we went to the mall play area, but that didn’t last very long. on our way home henry seemed like he was ready to sleep so we extended our drive and he fell asleep. we came home, ate dinner, cleaned up a bit and cora took a bath. when henry woke up he had dinner and got his pajamas on. then we all worked on projects until bed. bryan and i watched breaking bad and make it to bed around 1045. 

Week in the Life Saturday



both weekend days i took far fewer pictures than i did during the week. on saturday i slept in a little, we had breakfast at home and then we went to a farmer’s market in south san francisco. the market was right near a park we frequent so we let he kids play for a bit before heading home.

henry showed off his new toy – a car launcher – and looked so cute while doing it.

we came home for naps and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening relaxing, watching tv, etc.

bryan went to tech shop that night, so i was on my own for bed time. i went to bed around 945 and watched scandal on netflix.

WITL Friday


the kids took a bath in the morning – which isn’t really normal, but fridays are our most unscheduled days so i usually just go with the flow.

after morning bath, we had snacks and some tv time. then the kids played for a while together in their room.

more snacks. a little bit more tv. then we left for play group.

the mom hosting offered to watch the kids while i went out by myself!  i got lunch. i ate it in peace.

i returned to find cora composing on their piano.

i took a picture of my 33 week belly.

henry resting while cora took her nap. after naps we had a snack and went to the play area at the mall. on our way back we stopped in the office for some mints. these kids go nuts for mints.


WITL Thursday


so, thursday.

i usually miss the kids’ breakfast, but this partially eaten waffle was still out when i got up. bryan kisses the kids good bye.  the kids and i load up the car.

we met the reads at the zoo. henry and roy ran and jumped and played. frank looked cool. cora kept me busy.

both kids fell asleep on the ride home. i successfully got both upstairs without waking them.

cora woke up and wanted “hugs” on the couch. after snacks, we went to the little park in front of our building.

it was just these two. they kept each other entertained on the slides and by jumping off the structures and moving around various wood chip piles.

thursday is bryan’s late night. he goes climbing in the city, so i do dinner, bath and bed on my own. which is probably why i don’t have any pictures of it.

Week in the Life Wednesday

another crazy busy day :: not very many photos


it was another rough night. i slept in as late as i could and when i got up the kids were mostly dressed and ready for the day. (the first small pic on the right)

the big picture is the ride to school. it was just henry and me because i had a dr appt that morning.

next small pic: henry walking to school

below that: my calendar, coffee and to do list. i had a few minutes to kill before my appt. it was a dermatologist appt and everything is great.

small photo, starting left:

cora eating a snack

cora waiting for henry to finish school

henry hopped on a bike on our way out.  said “i pedal.”

then we went home. took naps. candice came to watch the kids so i could head to my ob appt.  ob was running about an hour late. the final picture is all the urine sample cups in the bathroom. part of the process at every appt. after my appt (which was totally uneventful) I was able to make all the appts until i hit 40 weeks. starting in october, i make weekly trips to the ob. this shit is getting real.

then i went home. henry had fallen asleep on the couch and candice and cora were doing puzzles. i visited with candice, made a plan for the nest few appts and made cora dinner. bryan got home and visited with candice a bit, too. then we made dinner (burgers on the grill), put cora to bed and started Newsroom. I was in bed at 945. I think Bryan followed shortly after.

Week in the Life 2013 – Tuesday

not nearly as many photos today. it was a really, really busy day.


top, left to right:

getting ready to leave in the morning.

short grocery stop on our way home.

cora and i picked a muffin to share.


met with nicole to go over wedding timeline.

cora going in to pick up henry from school.

bulletin board outside henry’s classroom door


henry’s stamps. asked him what he got them for and he said “frogs”

cora’s snack: t.j.’s cheddar rockets and water

kids playing together at the little park

i basically forgot to take any photos after we came into the house for dinner. bryan got home early again so i could go to a board meeting for the mother’s club. i made pumpkin bread for the meeting – tried a new recipe and didn’t even get to try it!  i also got my toes painted when the meeting was over. then i hurried home so i could get into bed, knowing wednesday was going to be an even busier one!