Friday Five 8.30

2013-08-11 14.02.19-1

Bryan said he thought this was over-wrought. But it made me weepy and sentimental, despite the fact we are at least 15 years away from it.

I thought this was a really beautiful, truthful depiction of the reality of marriage. 

I am not a big Skylar fan myself, but this made me think about why.

We are officially less than 2 months away from the baby’s due date. We are still working diligently on finishing up the bedroom and the space that will be “his”.  I am hoping to knock it out this weekend. I’ll post updates soon.

Speaking of this weekend, we have three whole days of very little planned. Henry and I are heading to the circus Saturday afternoon, but otherwise our calendar is wide open. I’m excited for the down time. Maybe some beach time. Definitely some park time. I am hoping to bake a little, nap a little, and work on some other little projects I’ve had on my mind. Happy Labor Day!


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