Friday Five 8.23

We celebrated my 29th birthday as a family on Monday with cake and presents. In addition to the pregnancy massage I was presented with on Sunday, I also got some goodies from my wishlist.  It was a banner day all around. I even treated myself to panera pastry and coffee for breakfast. And I received so many amazing messages, wishes and texts. I am so grateful. Also, this week:

My favorite tv show.

My pal made the news!

I have been burning through Netflix series like whoa lately. If you have some time to waste, I suggest Orange is the New Black, The Fall and The Killing.

We are headed to a BBQ this weekend at a friends’ in Sam Jose and I’m hoping Bryan is going to finish up the last few things for our bedroom and Grey’s space at Tech Shop.  Otherwise, I am going to be planning activities for next week (Henry is out of school for In Service days) and working on our Fall Bucket List.



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