Friday Five 8.16 edition

Things have been hectic and crazy around here. We have had our friend, Alex, visiting from Sweden for the week. We say goodbye to him tomorrow.  He has been our buddy all week – going to the park and playgrounds, putting up with the kids early wake ups like a champ. But, anyways, I didn’t have a lot of time to blog or pull this post together in the organized and thought out way I usually like to. Regardless, some things:


This kills me. Slays me. But it also makes me really hopeful that decent mother-daughter relationships exist and that I could be part of one.

I read this post and it totally gave me pause this week. I am six years into this thing with Bryan. We are both busy and creative individuals trying to make this thing work with two kids and a third on the way. And because we have already done this expecting a new baby thing twice, I think I have been holding onto these expectations of what this time should look like. I am going to spend some more time considering this stuff, maybe even on this blog. Maybe even soon.

Yes. Yes. Yes.  And yes.

This made me laugh. Though, I think it has already made its way around the web a couple times.

In life news, I am have decided to step up and take on more responsibility in the San Bruno Mother’s Club. After this year’s Halloween bash and baby Grey gets here, I will be the new Party Planner for the club. We do four parties a year for all members and their kids. It should be fun and an interesting task to take on. I am also co-in charge of Friday playgroups! That means I pick where play group will be help every other week or any week the other mom in charge can’t do it.  I (obviously) love being a member of this club, so I am really excited for these changes.


Bryan and I are celebrating my birthday this weekend with a dinner out.  I am excited for a little break and a little indulgence. Mostly in chocolate and cake!!


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