Friday Five


Time is a bullet train. I cannot. CANNOT. believe it is August already. Summer is almost over. And it feels like it hardly began!  And just a few short months until baby G arrives! SO much to get ready for! But more on that later. For now, here is some stuff that got me thinking this week:


I read a lot of blogs about parenting older children, because, well, it freaks me out a lot more than parenting infants and toddlers. Babies I can do. Teenagers scare the bejesus out of me. And this article kind of rang true to that.

As kind of a follow up, this one also made me think a lot about parenting older kids. I am very focused on teaching my kids to take personal responsibility for their choices and actions.

And, finally, joy.  This made me think a lot about where I find my joy. I feel the most joy when I am organizing and working on photo projects – albums, cards, etc. Those are things I love love love working on. And just the act of tinkering with them makes me feel so content.


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