The Bedroom

We are switching lots of things up in our bedroom in order to make some space for the new little one. We moved a dresser, plan to get rid of a chair and are considering what we can do to make the baby’s corner all his own. In the process a lot of the decor in the room has come down and I am trying to figure out what to do now. I have been looking on pinterest for gallery wall ideas. These are currently some of my favorite options:


ImageThis second one would be with photos and prints instead of mirrors. I want to include some photos from the family photo sessions we had in Ohio, plus I want to leave some room to include pictures of the new little one. Right now I am planning on having pictures taken by an in hospital photographer like we did when Cora was born. I also want to have someone come to our home to take some family pictures while the baby is still little (and hopefully be able to use them for christmas cards or something).

I am also playing around with ideas of what to put above the baby’s bed. I am trying to figure out if we should commit to something a little more effort intensive like framed pics of the baby:


(but a little less girly)

or do something quick and easy (and therefore easier to deal with when we move):



Or just cut out the letters of his name in colored acrylic and hang it above the bed. This is only temporary and we don’t know yet exactly when we are going to move, so we don’t want to do anything that requires a ton of effort, but I want hime to have his own space, even if it is just a corner in our bedroom. I will be sure to keep you updated as things come along.


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