Getting Back to Normal

So, we have been home for almost a week now and things are just starting to feel back to normal. The kids are waking up at normal times, I stopped craving diet coke in the afternoons and the house is mostly put back together.

We are changing some things around – since Cora became such an accomplished escape artist, we took the side off of her crib to transition her to a toddler bed. We are also rearranging our bedroom to make some space for the pack n play and some other baby things for Grey. 

Being away has made me miss being home, well, more like really appreciate what we have at home. I love the weather here, our friends, our play groups and routines. I love our car. I love my espresso machine. I just really love our little family and our little home. And realizing how much I love these things just makes me a little bit happier. 


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