Friday Edition 2.22


I had thought we left illness and malaise behind when we said good bye to January. How wrong could I be? Henry got sick and then I seemed to catch something and now Cora is on her third, no fuss nap of the day – a record, my friends, of how not good she must feel.  I am so tired of being sick. Of not feeling like my “normal” self. Of getting behind on everything because I need to rest and relax and sleep and take care of myself. And I am so distraught over how little I seem to be able to control it or help my children achieve some level of comfort. I am trying so hard to know that there has to be an end, that this is probably due to Henry’s exposure in going to school. But, today it really sucks.

Anyways, here are five things going on, inspiring me today:

1. I heart this blog in general, but this post really struck me. My dedication to our schedule/routine wavers (right now we basically have none since everyone feels bad), but I want to remember to take time when it is bed time or whatever “time” to be able to be present with what is going on. I do hope I can be one of those parents who as is said in the postget to know your kids when they’re little – and then never stop getting to know them. Always make sure they can tell you anything, without fear of getting put down or being judged.

2. The buzz for this guy is already all over the internet and it looks pretty cool. But do they look kinda dorky?  A blogger compared them to a seguy for your face.

3. The Beyonce documentary. Watched it during nap today. I enjoyed a lot of what she had to say about the experience of motherhood.

4. This baby shower.  I have been searching pinterest for some ideas for a shower I am throwing in July. It got me very excited. 

5. This has been a rough week for many reasons and I am looking forward to a low key weekend. Hopefully there is lots of rest and catching up in my future. And Argo is available On Demand! Looking forward to seeing this movie. 


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