week 5 / what you’re grateful for

things for which i am grateful:

my beautiful, wonderful babies. my ever loving and supportive husband. and their overall well being and health. having a safe and stable home. not having to live paycheck to paycheck. being able to stay home with my kids during these years. having a truly amazing father. being able to attend family weddings (ali’s and rachel’s) over the years, even though we live so far away. any time i get to spend with friends and family. friends and family. gchat. the internet. my overall well being. the west wing is available on netflix streaming. that i found awesome moms in the city to be friends with and it seems like i might be finding some in our new city, too. emails and text messages. being involved int he wedding planning process. the opportunity to celebrate rachel with a shower this summer (i am planning it now so it is on the forefront of my thoughts). all the conveniences of modern day life – dishwashers and laundry machines. i seriously have no idea how people used to wash and press and cook everything(and i know it wasn’t really all that long ago). our community of friends, near and far.  coffee. chocolate. dvr. everything we have – there really is so much good in our lives right now.


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