Friday Five 2/1 Edition

1. We got hit with a bad bout of the flu and still haven’t fully recovered. It is amazing how being sick for just a few days can make you feel light years behind.

2. Henry is starting Preschool on Monday!  I am really excited for him. He is going to love the time with other kids, toys and outdoor play. While he is there, I am planning to enjoy some extra Cora time.

3. I am really looking forward to packing Henry’s lunch. I have been super inspired by this blog and I am excited to use the random tools I have collected over the years.

4. I have been loving Downton Abbey this season, but what. the. hell. with the last episode? My favorite character!!!! Also, Girls was pretty good this week. And 30 Rock ended!! Waaahhh!!!

5. I am so excited to put this January behind us and move on from illness and everything it entails. I am ready for happy babies again. And sleep.


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