Friday Five 1/18 edition

so i am totally getting this in under the wire. this has been an exhausting day, the book end of an exhausting week. and there is no real break in store for me this weekend, either. so this week, i am just writing a list. a simple list, a possibly boring list. a list of what we have been up to this week:

1. preschools. we have looked at 4. there are still a couple more i want to tour before we make an actual decision, but i have an idea of which one it will be.

2. birthdays and parties! january is chock full o b-days for us. between henry and all his mom’s group friends we have a party like every weekend. and they are all fun. in general, this age is so fun.

3. i have watched cinderella and cars about 9 million times each this week.

4. i don’t want to jinx it, but i think henry might be like 85% potty trained. we have successfully left the house the past three days without a diaper and without incident. our biggest difficulty right now seems to be henry getting his pants off all the way without getting a little pee on them. 

5. lance armstrong. sigh. why? i am so disappointed, both in him and in myself. i believed him all these years, though, now i don’t know why. i don’t really know why i believe the best in any celebrity/athlete/famous for being famous.  they are never living up the the standards they say they set. also, in an unrelated note, if doping is such a part of the culture (as lance says it is in his oprah interview and i do believe him) and the urine tests aren’t up to snuff on detecting illegal substances, why not just let athletes take whatever they want?  then it will even the playing field. and if there are adverse long term risks to using these substances, those consequences will be realized and (hopefully) their use would fall out of favor. or why not have 2 races – one where performance enhancing is allowed and one where it isn’t. then people can play by whatever rules they choose. but then i guess the agencies regulating all this stuff wouldn’t make any money. hm.. i know my opinion isn’t very important in this matter, but i have been thinking about it a lot.


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