Friday Five 1/11 Edition

1. I love Louis CK, though I haven’t watched or listened as much of his stuff as I’d like.  I watched this video above yesterday. It served as a good reminder that most of the things I complain about or have negative feelings about on a day to day basis are so trivial. And, really, the vast number of opportunities and experiences I have are amazing. 

2. This has been an especially exhausting week for me, but I can’t really put my finger on the cause. I just started to feel like I was doing better yesterday and then we had a bit of a rough night last night with the kids waking up repeatedly. So.

3. We drove into the city today to drop Bryan off at work and have a play date with a family from my SF mother’s group. We were able to stop at Phliz.  And now I feel to hopped up. And I miss the city. More than I think I realized.

4. Henry is turning 3 years old 2 weeks from today. I am going to write an actual post about the gobbilty gook I feel surrounding that fact soon.

5. I finally read the next chapter in Siblings without Rivalry last night. So that is on my mind a lot today. They way I talk to the kids, especially.  I am trying to focus on describing what I see with the kids, without placing judgment (like always saying “good job”!).  A habit I know I have to drop.


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