On writing my first post

So, here it is.  My own little blog.  This process is a bit strange for me – I am used to writing about the silly things going on in the life of my kids or my husband. And while I like to wax poetic on parenting topics, it is rare that I am the subject of my own composition.

I want to change things up and find a space where I can spend time exploring my own voice,  jotting down my thoughts and recording what is going on with me.  I am positive this whole thing sounds really self-indulgent, but for now, it feels kind of good to have my own thing.

I want 2013 to be a year spent getting better. In past years I have made resolutions that typically involve introducing something new into my life. This year, though, I just want to focus on what we have going. Keep up the good work. Root out what isn’t doing it for us. I  made a list of the things I am hoping will be part of this focus for 2013:

1. Sleep

2. Drink water. like all the time.

3. Establish and stick to a regular cleaning schedule.

4. Establish a better weekly routine for the kids.

5. Really practice yoga. Establish a regular day and time to go.

6. Participate in an outdoor activity with the kids once per month. ie, go on  a hike or run around at the beach.

7. Really pay attention to what I am eating. And how it makes me feel. Respect my gut by only investing in wholesome foods and only eating until I am satisfied.

8. Establish a regular time/schedule to sit down and write.

9. Set aside time for photo taking, organizing and sharing. Make it a regular thing.

10. Make time for creative pursuits. Make more cards. Make more stuff.

11. Attempt to begin a sewing habit again.

12. Plan a regular date night with the hubs. Right now I am thinking once per month is the most reasonable.

13. Read everyday.

And so, here we begin. #8.

to new beginnings,




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